SkeeterVac® Mosquito Trap Reviews

SkeeterVac® by Blue Rhino, Inc. –

Blue Rhino is now part of Ferrellgas, a propane industry leader.  Blue Rhino is a leading designer and marketer of barbecue grills, outdoor heaters and other outdoor appliances.

SkeeterVac® SV-3100
SkeeterVac® SV-3100

Blue Rhino currently offer only two mosquito trap models.  The SV-15 has been discontinued.

  1. SkeeterVac® SV-3100 replaces the old SV 27 model
  2. SkeeterVac® SV-5100 replaces the old SV 35 model

SkeeterVac® traps are self powered i.e. they don’t require mains power.  As with the Mosquito Magnet®, the SkeeterVac® traps use propane to combust CO2 as the primary attractant for mosquitoes.  SkeeterVac® also use “FineTune™” bait chips or bait blocks which emit an octenol based attractant that can be adjusted by turning a dial.  All SkeeterVac traps use a “Sticky tac” method to capture mosquitoes.  The SV-3100 and SV-5100 also have a fan that sucks the mosquitoes into a catch net inside the trap.

SkeeterVac® traps also require continuous 24/7 operation.  Bait chips last approximately 21 days, bait blocks 60 days, and propane 15-21 days depending on the model.

SkeeterVac® traps are one of the more established brands in the USA and have many reviews.  It is important to note that a large proportion of the reviews found are for what appear to be older model traps.  In these reviews, a common theme develops with reliability issues in relation to ignition problems and gas regulator problems also the cost of maintaining the traps.  From the reviews we have read Blue Rhino have made  improvements when designing the new SV-3100 and SV-5100.

What they Say:

SkeeterVac® SV-5100

“In Washington, DC we have a terrible problem with Asian Tiger mosquitoes. I have a SkeeterVac SV5100 that is going into it’s second year of service as of spring 2011.

The SkeeterVac has definitely helped to reduce the mosquito population, but it does not eliminate them all.  I have found this to be an effective device to manage the population, especially when used in concert with other methods to reduce the mosquito population.

Before buying one of these you should also consider the cost of propane needed to operate the trap. I go through a 17lb tank every 2 to 3 weeks. At $23 a tank the operating costs are substantial over the course of the season. Add in the cost of lures and tac traps and this truly is a luxury item! But, I live in the heart of the city, and I consider my back yard a luxury, so I am willing to pay for this”. source

“I have had my Blue Rhino SkeeterVac for three years and it has worked well when it works.  That is why I choose not to give it a one or two star rating.”  source

“Noticed improvement within two weeks. I live in middle Tennessee. Based on other reviews, lurex3 bait for mosquito magnet is more effective. Gave it a try as replacement. Lurex3 fit perfectly. Very noticeable improvement in effectiveness of trap using lurex3 in my area. Overall very satisfied with product. Just have to accept that its expensive to buy and use.  About $40 a month to use in my area.” source

SkeeterVac® SV-3100

“If had written this review after the first or second year, I would have given it 4 or 5 stars. It really does work. The problem is that the “jet” I think it’s called gets clogged up, and you just plain can’t start the thing after that…..

Was worth it to me I guess when it worked, but that’s about $30 a month, so keep that in mind if you are interested in one.source

“I am very disappointed with this product. It catches mosquitos but not enough. I have been using it since the beginning of June at Cape May Point New Jersey – The Capitol of Mosquitoville. I has caught mosquitos and I am actually running 2 – one in the back yard and one in the front. I have not noticed any drop in mosquito activity”.  source

“If you don’t mind spending the money for propane AND baits, this is a tolerable purchase. Just keep your expectations in check.”  source

Did you know?
Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, and blondes to brunettes.