Nosquito® Mosquito Trap Reviews

NOsquito® Mosquito Vacuum by Kaz, Inc. –

Nosquito® Mosquito Vacuum (discontinued)

The manufacturer, Kaz, Inc. has been producing electronic insect killing devices for over 20 years with products marketed under the Stinger and NOsquito® brand names.

The company is most well known for the “Stinger” range of bug zappers which are sometimes called mosquito traps but are a completely different design to any of the other mosquito traps discussed in this website

The NOsquito® Mosquito Vacuum which was released to the market in 2007 has since been discontinued (2012).

The NOsquito® Mosquito Vacuum used CO2, heat and moisture along with a NOsquito® 2-in-1 power bait to attract mosquitoes.

There are several insect traps sold under the Stinger brand including the Stinger Insect Killer (MK100) which uses black UV light, heat, chemical scent, movement and color contrasts to attract mosquitoes. However the only trap now sold under the NOsquito® brand is the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap (MA06) which uses ultraviolet light to attract indoor flying pests. The trap attracts mixed reviews from Amazon customers:

“I was completely disappointed with this product! It is a very bad design with a small fan blade in the bottom that will barely catch a small gnat. I watched flies go in to the light and just get warm, the suction was just not there. Do not waste your money or time experimenting with this item, I promise you will be as unpleased as I was.”  source

“After using this for two weeks, the death toll is 19 mosquitos and 1 moth. I usually let it run all night and then count the blood sucking little bastards in the morning. Overall, this was a great buy!” source

What They Say:

Stinger MK100 Insect Killer

“I bought this item specifically for trying to bring down the mosquito population in my backyard but I had very disappointing results with it.” source

“This is my second Stinger MK 100 bug light, my first I’ve had for 3years and believe me it works good. But don’t put it up and expect immediate results.” source

NOsquito® Mosquito Vacuum

“Bought this device last year and immediately had to have the whole head mechanism replaced twice because the CO2 producing part would not stay lit.  Luckily it was still under warranty so the company replaced it both times.  They seemed to recognize that there was a problem with this particular model.  This season the device quit again, but the company said that this time it was tough luck.  I have noticed that Lowes has stopped carrying this unit as well. Save your money.  The device will fail quickly.” source

Did you know?
Mosquitoes can detect a moving target at 18 ft away.