Lentek™ Mosquito Trap Reviews

by Koolatron™ –  www.koolatron.com

The original Lentek™ mosquito traps were the subject of a Federal Trade Commission inquiry in 2002 which found that Lentek™ “made a number of false and unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of its electronic pest repellents and air cleaning products.” One of the false claims made is that “…their Mosquito Control devices repel mosquitoes from the user and provide an effective alternative to using chemical pesticides in the prevention of the West Nile Virus….” Source.

Lentek™ International, subsequently filed for bankruptcy in 2003 at which time Koolatron™ purchased the business assets and took over the company.

Lentek™ GuardianKoolatron™ Guardian MK12 Mosquito Trap

The traps currently marketed by Koolatron are:

  1. Bite Shield Guardian Pro Cordless Mosquito Trap (MK14)
  2. Bite Shield Guardian Mosquito Trap (MK12)
  3. Bite Shield Champion Mosquito Trap

The Guardian MK14 and MK12 models use CO2 (generated by continuous propane combustion), ultra violet light, color, shape and airflow to capture mosquitoes.  The MK12 requires electricity whereas the MK14 is cordless.  The Koolatron™ MK05 Champion Mosquito Trap requires electricity and has all the design features of the MK12 but does not use propane.  All models must be operated continuously (24/7).

Koolatron™ produces an Octenol attractant which can be used in all their mosquito traps and electronic fly killers.

A number of reviews relate to Lentek™’s first model, the MK01, which appears not to be in production any longer.  These reviews highlight ignition problems and also several reviewers comment on the fan being loud.

What they Say:

After running the unit 3 days – non stop – there were not any mosquitos in the catch net. The company was fair and took the product back with a full refund. But the product did not work as advertised.” source

“It’s too early to tell, but it appears that the mosquito population has been greatly reduced since plugging in the machine last month. There are still some around our pool, but not to the extent that were present all day long, prior to the “mosquito traps” use.” source

Koolatron Bite Shield Guardian (MK12)

“I have had this product for years, even back when it was make by a company called LenTek. It attracts mosquitoes and New Hampshire Black Flies and kills them. It interrupts the breeding cycle, and therefore fewer bugs. There will be a few around, but not many. I have 80% fewer mosquitoes and black flies in my yard than my neighbors do. My old one wore out, so I bought a new one.” source

“We had an MK12 for 4 years. Although it helped reduce our mosquito problem, the unit wasn’t very reliable. After 2 years it wouldn’t stay lit. I purchased a replacement trap assy and it also died after 2 years. The manufacturer was more interested in selling me the replacement as opposed to standing behind their product. Last time we’ll do business with them.” source

“Noticable difference in the amount of pesky bugs in our backyard. Makes it an enjoyable place again. The assembly is not as easy as advertised, the instruction booklet appeared to be for a different model, however once assembled it is sturdy. This does need electricty, which I did not realize when purchasing. Not a problem, but be aware the propane tank is to create the CO2 not to run the unit. Once up and running these issues are no big deal and I am happy to have it.”source

“I got this a few years ago. It seems to reduce the number of mosquitos. Problem is that I’ve had to take it apart several times to get it working again. OK one time a gekko died in the fan so that was an easy fix. But it has problems constantly and I think has died after 2 seasons (it wont stay lit). source

Maybe try another model or manufacturer.” source

Koolatron Bite Shield Guardian Pro Cordless (MK14)

“I have been back and forth with Koolatron with no satisfaction. Kooltron mosquito trap worked for a total of 1 day. Am rying to send it back. Company will not pay for shipping and handling. Not getting consistent information about how to return this item for replacement.” source

Did you know?
The average life span of the male mosquito is 10-20 days.