Flowtron® Mosquito Trap Reviews

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Flowtron® MT350

MT-350 Flowtron® Armatron International, Inc. market the following traps:

  1. MT-275 Mosquito Power Trap
  2. MT-125 Mosquito Power Trap
  3. PV-440 Galaxie Power Vac
  4. PV-75 Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito/Insect Trap
  5. MT-350 Flowtron Plus Power Trap (Discontinued)

The MT-275 can be operated either continuously (24/7) or on one of three pre-set operating modes and use CO2, heat and moisture (generated by propane combustion) and LED lights. The MT-125 doesn’t have the same timed on/off settings as the MT-275.

Flowtron® claim a new ignition system in the MT-275 and MT125 which eliminates the clogging problems encountered by other propane traps.

The PV-440 Flowtron® Galaxie Power Vac uses an Ultraviolet Blacklight-Blue Bulb along with LED lights and Octenol lures to create the sensory signals of heat, light, scent, color, shape and motion to attract mosquitoes.

All Flowtron® traps include one Octenol cartridge which the manufacturer suggests should be replaced after approximately three weeks.

Flowtron® traps incorporate a fan that sucks the insects into a removable catch tray where they dehydrate and die.

When reading reviews for Flowtron® traps, a common theme again develops with problems over traps failing to work after one season, propane clogging issues, bad design and even poor customer service.   It is important to note that many reviews are for the older models (MT-350) but it also appears that owners of the current MT-275 and MT-125 are still experiencing similar problems to the owners of the older models. However, the PV-440 Flowtron® Galaxie PowerVac does have three five star reviews on amazon.com.

What they Say:

Flortron® MT-275 Power Trap

“Bought this with the hope it would remove even some mosquitos. The only thing this thing traps is spiders. The 20lb propane tank using the 3+2 hour mode is supposed to last 3-4 months. Wrong! About 1 month. Not the end of the world if it would actually catch something. The green light that is supposed to help attract the bugs also stopped working around the 2 year mark. Don’t even bother to try and fix it. This is a 400+ dollar junk pile! I should’ve listened to my wife when she said I was crazy but I’m a very stubborn man!” source

Flowtron® MT-125 Power Trap

“I bought this for $15 off a fellow expat who was leaving the country, and boy am I sure glad I did! During the rainy season it consistently catches at least 20 mosquitos per day, and over the period of several weeks has greatly diminished the mosquito population in our yard.”  source

Flowtron® PV-440 Galaxie PowerVac

“I took a chance on this Galaxie product and I am glad I did its capturing everything in the year.”source

“No question this system attracts flying insects, especially moths. The problem is: the prey have to pass THROUGH the fan blades into a collection basket via a funnel-like tunnel. This configuration would work well if the unit attracted only skinny specimens like mosquitoes, but wider bodies like moths and June bugs are also victims. source

“Since we started using our Flowtron PV-440 mosquito attacks are rare, even by the Asian Tigers that bite during daytime. The fact that it runs on 12 v instead of propane is another plus.” source

Flortron® PV-75 Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito/Insect Trap

“We were eaten alive by mosquitoes while in the same room the lamp was on. Have been using it for a month now and didnt catch a single mosquito. Total waste of money.” source

“We purchased this to try to address moisquitos getting into our cabin and bothering us at night. It picked up quite a few, although they still bothered us as well. But out of the box, the black light didn’t work. As the text stated it was a new type, I didn’t know how bright it should be. Called the 800 number and left a message. After a couple of days, opened it up and found the bulb wasn’t plugged in, so plugged it in and then the light worked as well as the fan. The light and the fan takes some getting used to if you’re trying to sleep in the same room with them, which we were. But three months later, I’m still waiting for Flowtron to call me back and address the question I had left with them. So the unit is OK, but the company isn’t much on customer service (at least to this customer!)” source

Did you know?
Mosquitoes are carriers of heartworm, the most common killer of family pets.