Dynatrap® Mosquito Trap Reviews

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DynaSeal, Inc. introduced the Dynatrap® DT1000 in May 2006 which they have now followed up with a number of traps including the heavy duty DT 2000XL.  There are now 9 traps in the range including the DT1100 which in 2012 comes in a range of designer colors including blue, bronze and green!!  We found mixed reviews for the black version of this trap on Amazon.  “We used it 24 hours a day for over a week and all it caught were moths. It did not attract mosquitos in the evening and it did not attract the yellowjackets.”source. “Found this great product and was skeptical for the price, but am more than pleasantly surprised at how effective it is.” source

Offering 3-way protection;  a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects. Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 that’s irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into a retaining cage where they will dehydrate and die (usually within 24 hours). Dynatrap® marketing materials claims CO2 is generated when the titanium dioxide coating interacts with the UV light. However the manufacturer gives no supporting material on how this works or of the quantities of CO2 produced. Furthermore when University of Wisconsin researchers attempted to measure the output of these traps, they detected no CO2 at all.  Source.

One professional commentator indicated that this was just a marketing gimmick. source.

Dynatrap® traps are marketed as being safe for indoor and outdoor use and use no pesticides.  However we question whether its 110 volt power system is safe for outdoors use.

One reviewer comments: “The only slightly misleading comment in the description of this item is that it can be used indoors and outside.  If used outdoors it MUST be in a covered area, such as a porch, under house eaves, etc. to keep out rain” source.

We believe the manufacturer should be making it clear in their advertising that their traps must not be used in an exposed outdoor setting where they could get wet.  For our Star ratings, most Dynatrap® models have only managed to earn one star in the safety category due to this concern. In 2013 Dynatrap® introduced a 12v version of their DT1000 trap making it a much safer trap for outdoor use.

What they Say:

Dynatrap® DT1000 Insect Eliminator

“This is just another poorly built product: seems like there are plenty of those on the market today. This thing worked well for about 3 days and after that, it barely attracted any mosquitoes. I think that titanium dioxide “CO2 generator” is nothing but a gimmick. Seemed to work for a few days but then the chemical must wear off because even if you clean it per the manual, mosquitoes are no longer attracted to it”. source

“We bought this as an alternative to the propane traps (which I hear are expensive to operate and aren’t the most effective.) We love the DynaTrap! At first, it was hard to find a good spot for it (it can’t be in direct rain and needs to be hung ideally, 6 ft. off the ground) but once we switched it on, it was like magic!   source

“I love my Dynatrap. It gave me back my yard. I live in a swampy area of South Texas and the mosquitoes could not be worse. I was ready to try anything. The week before I hung the trap 13 mosquito bites. The week after none. It doesn’t really clear a half acre like it claims, but I can get in and out of my house without bringing 5 mosquitoes in with me. source

Dynatrap® DT1100

“This unit is hard to empty when there are live insects left in it. I know it says you should wait untill the trapped insects die, but some times it needs to be emptied. The DT1000 is a better unit.” source

“I didn’t have high hopes for a mosquito/flying insect solution, but this device really did cut down by a significant amount the insects around my house and yard.source

Dynatrap® DT2000XL

Had great hopes for this device. Turned it on and the bulbs that were provided burned out after 2 days which is not very good given the fact that they tell you to turn on the device and leave it on all summer. Had to order back up bulbs and they have lasted almost 3 weeks now. The problem I am having is that this product does not seem to catch mosquitoes. When I check the basket below I have lots of moths and other bugs but no mosquitoes.” source

The device appears to be working as promised; but as other reviewers have noted, you also catch a lot of moths and other insects.source

Easy to set up, this trap caught more mosquitos and other flying insects in the first night than any other trap I’ve had (combined) for over 10 years!!!” source

“Stopped working after 10 days; Amazon graciously exchanged product; three weeks later, manufacturer called me to replace bulbs likely defective;

On second unit, stopped working after three weeks; I replaced bulbs and worked again (bulbs were supposed to last 3000 hrs, but lasted barely 300 hours!).”  source

Did you know?
Mosquitoes can hatch in as little as an inch of water.