Mosquito Traps To Stop Mosquito Bites

Mosquito traps are designed to mimic humans and work by emitting substances that biting mosquitoes find attractive — such as carbon dioxide, heat, moisture, and other mosquito-friendly byproducts. They are designed to attract, then trap and kill female mosquitoes. Joseph Conlon of the American Mosquito Control Association told WebMD “When placed strategically near breeding spots, “they have knocked [mosquito] populations down”. source

Daily trapping during the season is aimed at disrupting breeding cycles thereby reducing mosquito populations.  Only female mosquitoes bite and a single female mosquito is capable of laying thousands of eggs during her life time.  Consider trapping as another method of  ‘birth control’ .  Because population control is certainly one of the most effective ways of managing mosquito numbers and reducing biting incidences.  read more