How Mosquito Traps Work

There are two key elements to a successful mosquito trap.  First the ability to attract mosquitoes to the trap and second the ability to get the mosquitoes into the trap.

There are thousands of mosquito species worldwide.  Each species is unique and each is attracted by different combinations of sensory stimuli.  The trick for the mosquito trap manufacturer is to use combinations of stimuli which attract the target species.  Some manufacturers have gone to extraordinary lengths in this regard.  For example the gas release system on the Mega-Catch™ ULTRA is designed to replicate a key element of human respiration by releasing quantities of pure CO2 at varying rates over fixed intervals to produce an exponentially decaying concentration gradient in the air plume emanating from the lower part of the trap with mosquitoes using this concentration gradient to navigate their way to the trap.

Mosquito Magnet® traps use counter flow technology with a patented catalytic converter to produce CO2, heat and moisture to attract mosquitoes.  They also say that most mosquitoes require a secondary attractant to hone in on the trap for which they offer either Octenol or Lurex3™.    Read more