Mosquito Trap After Sales Service

How many times have you been exasperated by poor after sales service?  Again the answer is to check out the experiences of others before buying.  Look at the testimonials on the distributors / manufacturers website (however they will only post positive reviews) and use a search engine like Google to investigate the experiences of other customers.  Our Google searches produced numerous examples of customer dissatisfaction.

A reviewer on Epinions of the Mosquito Magnet® Liberty titles his review “Buy this Product only if you have patience with tech support” Source.  Another reviewer of the Liberty says “now that it is broken they want [$]395 to fix it.  They will coddle you along until the warranty expires saying that you have the wrong type of mosquito or some rubbish.  Do not buy these units” Source.

Perhaps in response to the amount of negative reviews, in 2009 Mosquito Magnet® announced an eagerly awaited, improved customer service program to support its new line of mosquito traps.

Sorry Magnet…..not so good for the new Executive mosquito trap!  ” had to endure an argument from the customer service woman who insisted that it was too cold to operate in NY State in Nov.  She didn’t care that this trap has not worked since late September. Eventually she agreed to take it back for testing and service, if required. Their attitude stinks and the Executive is VERY unreliable. Three out of three have failed to operate for some portion of the season… about 4 months where I live. I requested to have the one-year warranty extended to a second year (another 4 months of use??) and was flatly refused. I cannot get to a higher authority at Woodstream Corp (maker of Mosquito Magnet) to plead my case. Nice way to do business!  source

And another Amazon reviewer adds: “As for the unit being the most unreliable thing I’ve ever owned, I’ve finally called to have it serviced under the warranty and the “360 customer service” is lacking to say the least! The customer service hours are very limited so if you work during the day, plan to sneak away from your office for at least a 1/2 hour so you can wait on hold for someone to pick up. I’ve had to call 4 times – the first time was at night and they weren’t open. The other 3 times were during my work day and I experienced very long hold times each time“.source

However, not all reviews are bad, and we found examples of customers being fulsome in their praise.  One reviewer on notes “This is the best warranty service we have ever received and we have recommended Mega-Catch™ to several of our friends who have bought Ultra traps.Source.

Another reviewer on reports:
“Bought a SkeeterVac and I’m very happy with it. I live in Wy. surrounded by farm lands and irrigation canals and before I bought this unit I was unable to go outside in the morning or evening. It hasn’t totally eliminated the mosquito problem but has made it so I can use my deck again. I had a problem with the motor restarting when I changed the propane bottle and the company was VERY helpful. Good product and good company.”  source

Did you know?
Mosquitoes are carriers of heartworm, the most common killer of family pets.