Mosquito Trap Safety


Safety is a critical consideration when purchasing any product that uses a flammable gas like propane.  In 2002 the Coleman company voluntarily recalled 136,000 of its Mosquito Deleto™ traps after a propane regulator problem resulted in a fire hazard to consumers.  In a news bulletin from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released on July 15, 2002 it is reported that “The Coleman Company Inc., of Wichita, Kan., is voluntarily recalling about 136,000 Mosquito Deleto™ Traps.  The mosquito trap’s propane regulator can leak propane or allow an overflow of propane gas, both of which pose a fire hazard to consumers”. source.

SkeeterVac® by Blue Rhino appear to have also suffered a “fire” issue as one reviewer of the SV 35 says “Well it caught fire” and also goes on to comment “No reply from Blue Rhino customer service to an email asking what my options were”   highlighting not only a possible serious design problem but also poor after sales service. source.

The EPA requires all mosquito trap manufacturing establishments to be registered.  It also requires Octenol lures to be approved and registered as do most States.  Strict instructions accompany the use of Octenol lures which should not be handled by children.  Make sure you only buy traps and lures that refer to the EPA registration.  We are aware of some traps being marketed in the United States which are not EPA registered.

We strongly recommend the use of 12 volt mosquito traps in outdoor settings to reduce the risk of electrocution.  The trap’s power supply cord should incorporate a step down transformer which reduces the voltage supplied to the trap from 110 volts to approximately 12 volts.

Traps which use 110 volts (including extension cords) should never be used outdoors where they are exposed to the conditions or at risk of having cables cut by accident.

When compiling our Comparison Table for 2013, we noted that Dynatrap® have now included a 12 volt version of their DT1000 model.  However the DT1000 original is still available so don’t confuse the two. Other models in the range are still listed as being 115v which is a safety concern if the trap is being used outdoors.

Recalled Mosquito Deleto trap
The recalled Deleto™ trap

Did you know?
Mosquitoes are found all over the world – even in the Arctic.