Mosquito Trap Running Costs

The most consistent complaint under this heading is maintenance and repair costs which can be high with some traps and in particular those which continuously burn propane.  The next major running cost associated with most mosquito traps is propane where a full tank usually lasts up to 21 days with some consumers reporting 15 days on some models.  Octenol lures vary in price and usually last between 14 to 30 days.  Electricity is also a factor in most traps.  However, savings can be made by using plug in timers.  Some traps even feature programmable timers so you can set them to run only when needed i.e. when mosquitoes are most active.  Bug zappers are relatively expensive because most run on a 110 volt system.  However a mosquito trap designed for outdoor use with a safe 12 volt system usually consumes no more than the equivalent of a 40 watt light bulb source.

What they Say:

Mosquito Magnet® trap owner complains: “Cost me a buck a bug” source.

Another reviewer of the Mosquito Patriot comments “I purchased this 3 years ago. It only worked for 2 months. I had to get it repaired by a “specialist” 80 miles away from my home. The repair set me back another $125.00. So the next season comes around and again the same problem with the same solution. I invested over $600.00 in 3 years for 2 months of usage each year.” source

SkeeterVac® customers have similar complaints with not only the cost of propane but the added costs of the sticky tac and bait refills.  “Firstly, it is not only expensive to purchase but costs about $60.00 a month to run it!” source.

Dynatrap® reviewers comment that the UV bulbs (2 required) are not lasting long enough, which could indicate a technical design issue.  “Am on my 3rd set of bulbs and the replacement bulbs are NOT cheap. My 3rd set is about to fail so plan on at least $40 to $50 in bulbs PER YEAR; I am on my second unit because the first one stopped lighting the lamps after a few weeks; the build quality is poor; it is WAY over priced – for the quality it should cost $40 or less.” source.

Did you know?
A mosquito develops from egg to adulthood in 4 – 7 days.