Can We Kill Off All The Mosquitoes?

The death toll is rising from diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Scientists are at work on a radical idea – why not just eradicate them? These pests kill more humans than any other animal.  For more than a century, humans have used bed nets, screens and insecticides as weapons, but mosquitoes keep coming back. They are now […]

New York Deploys Sophisticated Traps To Help Control Mosquitoes

The city’s Health Department recently pledged to spend twenty-one million dollars to combat Zika and has been hiring more entomologists and lab assistants. It has also acquired new mosquito-hunting swag: mosquito traps designed to target both Aedes albopictus (the Asian Tiger) and Aedes aegypti (Zika) mosquitoes. The traps are set once a week and emptied after twenty-four […]

New Traps Installed To Catch Mosquitoes

College Point now has eight mosquito traps designed specifically to trap Aedes Mosquitoes, the insects that can potentially carry the Zika virus.  The traps were installed after concerns were raised about an excess of mosquitoes in College Point, where West Nile virus was first discovered in the United States (August 1999), and the potential danger […]

Mosquito Hunters Resort to Trapping to Monitor for Zika

Harris County employs 50 scientists and technicians year-round to to set traps, sort mosquitoes by species and conduct lab tests for five viruses: St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile, dengue and chikungunya. This year they’ve added Zika.  The tab for mosquito control runs $4 million or more a year. For Zika testing, samples are currently sent to […]

Mosquito Traps Keep Tabs on Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

Stagnant water, dark enclosures, carbon dioxide — different things attract different mosquitoes.  From April to October each year, Vivek Raman, an environmental health supervisor with the Southern Nevada Health District, and his team sets hundreds of mosquito traps across Clark County to keep tabs on these pesky — sometimes even deadly — insects. Last year, […]

Mosquito Traps To Target Zika Virus

Maricopa County Vector Control is ahead of the game when it comes to trapping and potentially testing the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.  James Will, a supervisor at Vector Control, said the agency has a few different traps that are designed specifically to attract the Aedes Aegypti.  “The Aedes Aegypti mosquito can transmit Chikungunya, Dengue and […]

The Mosquito Has Landed

Weather forecast: murky yellow skies, rumbling rains followed by thunderstorms. Before the puddles have dried, the invaders have arrived. They, too, are ready–clogging the screens, hovering around door frames, zooming past doors and trunk lids into car interiors, nestling into necks, feasting on wrists/ankles/ears or hairlines, riding into the house on clothing and groceries Out […]

Mosquito Traps used in GM Study

Panama’s Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health, or ICGES, found in a recent study that genetically modified mosquitoes can be used to combat dengue with a high degree of effectiveness, scientists involved in the project said. Local residents “accepted and participated” in the study by placing “larvae-traps” and traps to catch mature mosquitoes in their homes […]

Summer’s Mosquito Fight Begins With Mosquito Traps

Armed with buckets, odorous lures, nets and poison sprays, Columbus Public Health workers are prepared to take on the hordes of blood-sucking insects that can ruin summer for outdoors lovers. The agency hopes to outflank mosquitoes this year by increasing the number of traps across the city. Health workers will be trapping the insects at […]