Mosquito Trap Reviews, Comparisons & Ratings

mosquito-trap-brandsMosquito Traps are amongst the best devices out there for anyone wanting to control and kill mosquitoes. However not all mosquito traps are as effective as they claim to be.  Find out what works, what doesn’t and what others have to say about their purchases in this one-stop Mosquito Trap Review site.  We’ve compiled a checklist and information on the most popular electric, propane and CO2 mosquito traps to help narrow down your search.

Trap Checklist:

  1. What performance/features do you need the mosquito trap to have?
  2. Will the trap be safe for you to operate in your environment?
  3. Will the trap operate reliably?
  4. What are the running costs?
  5. Will the trap be easy to maintain?
  6. What’s the level of after sales service like?

We constantly review our site to provide the latest and most up-to-date mosquito trap reviews on the web. Check out the latest offerings from Dynatrap®, Mega-Catch™ and Mosquito Magnet® including the newly released Mosquito Magnet® Commander trap with cordless/wireless technology.

“At our lake property we had so many mosquitoes we couldn’t go there in mid spring. There were literally hundreds per cubic foot of air. I ran in, put out the Mega-Catch and ran away. I changed the Coca Cola in the tray weekly and watched the stack of dead mosquitoes go from a stack above the liquid line to the liquid was full, to I could see liquid under all the bodies. I left it out all season. The following season we had just a few mosquitoes. In the third season, we had none. Mosquitoes have a very short range, and if you kill them all for two seasons, you won’t have any anymore. Yes, I had to replace the black light bulb, yes I had to change the attractant strips every year, but it was a small price to pay for not having to breathe mosquitoes. Thank you! Awesome machine. 23 April, 2016. Source (Amazon)

“It works (Mosquito Magnet Executive) when it runs but you will have to maintain it every week pretty much and spend lots of money through the month on the propane, batteries and other items for it to run. Their customer service is horrible for such a high $ item. 8 May 2016.  Source (Amazon)

“I have 2 traps, I bought a Mosquito Magnet Liberty 10 years ago and it worked great so I decided to get another one because I have 5 acres. I am currently on my 3rd unit and customer service is no help. They seem to say there is no problems with this design even though I never had a problem with my liberty. I sent it back the first summer as it was under warranty and got it back with about a month to go of use. I put it away for the winter ( which I have never done with the Liberty) and brought it back out in the spring and what a shock it does not work.” 24 May, 2016. Source (Amazon)

“I should mention that I live in the Santa Barbara foothills. Though the squeeter population is nothing like Florida et al it does have sufficient squeeters to keep my wife indoors at night. The Mosquito Magnet® had been partially successful but the research papers on the Mega-Catch Ultra caught my attention. The PRO 900 sucked me in, what with its amazing array of adjustments. I was especially attracted to the timer option which allows me to only run it for the times that I wish… early morning and dusk. And I loved the idea of using a CO2 cylinder rather than creating CO2 with a constant flame using propane.Source

My first one (SkeeterVac SV3100) lasted 7 years, and when it didn’t start up last month I bought another. It works well at killing mosquitos, and also catches lots of flies (horse flies, deer flies, etc) on the sticky paper. I had a mosquito magnet before I bought my first one of these, and the MM was more effective at catching mosquitos in the actual trap. However, this one makes up for that by catching plenty of mosquitos on the black/white “Tac Trap” sticky paper, and also catches flies there AND works in the far corners of my yard without the extension cord. June 11,  2016. Source (Amazon)

We’ve included:

  • Feedback from mosquito trap reviews which will contain both negative and positive comments; consumer reviews are subjective after all. 

    “I admit I was skeptical when I first purchased the Dynatrap. I am a city dweller, and we had a terrible mosquito issue in a passageway next to my home. I didn’t want to use a bug zapper for the noise issue and didn’t want to use the mosquito magnet for environmental reasons. Plugged the thing a day and a half ago and voila!- I’ve caught literally small piles of them. Very pleased with the results so far.source

    The Mosquito Magnet® Executive Trap.  “It troubles me to think that something that burns fossil fuels (propane) can be considered a GREEN product. I’ve seen this listed on someone’s “green products” list!?!? I think they have it all wrong!”  source

    “I’m getting good results with the Alpha here in South Texas. I have it on my back patio and capture about 30-40 mosquitos every night. I run it from about 5pm to 7 am. It seems as if I have several different species.” source

  • Ratings at a glance for each of the brands/models – 5 stars for the top rating trap and 1 star for the lowest rating.
  • A full run down of known issues and common problems associated with the various mosquito traps.

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